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General information

Proposal preparation

Before submitting an observational Proposal, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the instrument, the USF RATAN documentation, the User's Guide, and the methods implemented on the radio telescope. We also recommend you to read the Observed Data Archive usage rules.

The rules and deadlines for Proposal can be found on the Russian Telescopes Time Allocation Committee webpage. The application is submitted online and undergoes preliminary technical expertise. In case of a positive decision of technical experts, the application undergoes scientific examination of the Committee. The decision of the Committee is e-mailed to the applicant with the application consideration protocol.

Accepted applications are scheduled for radio telescope observations for the next six months, you will be contacted to approve the schedule. The observing schedule is formed for half a year and is published on the observatory website twice a year: before July 1 and January 1.

The applicant can attend the observations personally or coordinate them remotely. In both cases, prior consultation with the responsible observer on the observing strategy is mandatory. Contacts for information: admsao@sao.ru, lacerta999@gmail.com, +7(928)-029-08-80, +7(87878)-46-384, +7(87878)-46-336.

Arrival and Accommodation

Those planning to attend personally must first arrange for their arrival. Contacts for consultation: nch@sao.ruadmsao@sao.ru, +7(938)025-55-48, +7(87878) 46-336.

The nearest airport, Mineralnye Vody, is 190 km from the telescope. The nearest railway station is Nevinnomyssk, 130 km from the telescope.

To get to the observatory, you can take a taxi or regular bus services. You can clarify the bus schedule by calling the bus station of the village of Zelenchukskaya: +7(87878) 5-43-31.

Visitors to the telescope are accommodated in the RATAN-600 hotel, Internet access is provided.

In the working building there is a visitor's room with a computer connected to the local network with Internet access.

When inside the circular antenna, mobile phones must be switched off.

Call for Proposals
Observational proposals are accepted via an interactive form twice a year: from February 1 to March 10 and from August 1 to September 10.