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Daily Solar Observations - Sun radio observations with RATAN-600 Go to →

RATAN-600 data center for solar activity analysis - is intended for solving problems of solar plasma diagnostics and solar activity prediction based on the RATAN-600 multiwave observational data. Go to →

CATS database - Astrophysical CATalogs support System is a set of astrophysical catalogs, their descriptions and programs for working with them. Go to →

RATAN-600 multi-frequency catalogue of blazars - the online multi-frequency catalogue of blazars summarises RATAN-600 measurements of more than 1600 blazars. Go to →

Coronal-like jet events extended catalogue - contains information about date and time of jets, heliographic coordinates, duration, as well as information about flares, radio bursts, and coronal mass ejections. Go to →

Observation scheduling service -- to create a RATAN-600 observation schedule (for privileged users). Go to →

Call for Proposals
Observational proposals are accepted via an interactive form twice a year: from February 1 to March 10 and from August 1 to September 10.