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RATAN-600 is a radio telescope with a variable-profile circular antenna of 600 m in diameter, the largest operating telescope in Russia, which performs mass measurements of galactic and extragalactic radio sources at frequencies of 1.2, 2.3, 4.7, 8.2, 11.2, and 22.3 GHz. The main advantages of the instrument are high brightness-temperature sensitivity and multifrequency observations.

RATAN-600 is a open access instrument with the status of a "unique scientific facility" (USF) and is registered on the Russian Federation scientific and technological infrastructure portal. Observations with the telescope are realized on a competitive basis. Observing time applications are collected twice a year, scientific expertise of the proposals is made by the Russian Telescopes Time Allocation Committee (RTTAC).

Telescope parameters


North Sector; South Sector; South Sector with the Flat Reflector; West Sector

Secondary mirrors


Diameter of the ring

576 м

Number of antenna elements


Element size

11.4 x 2 м

Geometric area

22000 m2


1.25, 2.25, 4.7, 8.2, 11.2, 14.4 and 22.3 GHz

Angular resolution at average elevations

40 arcsec

Spectral flux density sensitivity

8 mJy at 4.7 GHz

Brightness temperature limit

0.050 mК

Declination range

-35⁰ ÷ +90⁰


~100 channels

Digitizing rate

up to 60 microsec

Tracking time (South+Flat)

up to 4 hours

Beam pattern


Secondary mirror speed

20 m / 2 min

North Sector effective area

700 – 1500 m^2

Operating temperature range

-22⁰ ÷ +36⁰ С

Handbook of RATAN-600 Continuum observer

Call for Proposals
Observational proposals are accepted via an interactive form twice a year: from February 1 to March 10 and from August 1 to September 10.