Finite Time Effects in Single and Double Compton Scattering

Опубликовано: 06 / 2023
Finite Time Effects in Single and Double Compton Scattering
Energy spectra of double Compton scattering cross section for given directions of both photons and different values of width parameter in units of electron massy=Γ/me.

Dubrovich V. K.; Zalialiutdinov T. A.

The process of Compton scattering by a free electron with subsequent reemission of one or two photons is considered in the assumption of finite interaction time. The corresponding cross sections are obtained in the framework of relativistic quantum electrodynamics using a modified form of fermion propagator with complex transmitted momentum. It is shown that finite time effects can be observable at sufficiently low energies of scattered photons. The proposed method also regularizes arising infrared divergence in the cross section of the double Compton effect. Possible experimental verification of considered theoretical approach is discussed.
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